Paramotor Reserve

Digitize Employee Benefits with RESERVE

Help employees save tax with Reserve flexible employee benefit plans. Simply, digitize your employee tax benefits program with a single card that can replace food coupons, food card, fuel card, travel vouchers, and gift card.


Uplift your employee motivation and Expense management with Paramotor Reserve

Boost the motivation

One of the best solution to reward employees and recognize them for their achievements to boost motivation, promote a healthy work environment, and improve retention. Paramotor Reserve has a variety of prepaid cards for customized employee benefits. These prepaid cards help in automation and systematic rewarding processes without any hassle.


Give them all reasons to stay

Paramotor are providing an integrated platform for managing the engagement and retention programs for employees. It automates the employee recognition and rewards mechanism effortlessly.

It is an easy and comprehensive Saas application for the start-up which can help them in the reduction of lots of manual work involved in employee engagement and recognition to retain the employee interest in the company.

Maintain transparency

Paramotor provides an exclusive start-up application that gives complete records of expenditure on one go.

It has set the employee expense management to new heights by bringing all employees and expenses on one platform giving centralized visibility and control over company-wide expenditure, anytime, across any device.

It helps in cutting down the unauthorized spent which in turn benefits the start-ups and provides a clear record of all expenses in a simpler form.


Features - Paramotor Reserve

  • Meal
    Meal benefits across 7 Million+ VISA/RuPay food outlets. Online and Offline
  • Fuel
    Fuel benefits across all fuel outlets
  • LTA
    LTA wallet to quickly process domestic journey claims
  • Telecom
    Wallet for Telecom and broadband benefits
  • Books & Periodicals
    Reimbursements post submission of bills for Books & Periodicals wallet
  • Gift
    Wallet for Gift Allowance
  • Transport
    Reimbursement for vehicle maintenance
  • Driver Allowance
    Reimbursement wallet with cash withdrawal feature
  • Uniform Allowance
    Wallet for uniform benefits

Grow your business with Paramotor

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